Clarks Artisan Janey Mae Beeswax Leather Shoes

Not to be confused with another very popular pair of women’s shoes by Clarks, the Janey June’s, Clarks Artisan Janey Mae (see the Beeswax Brown leather pair pictured below) are a beautifully crafted pair of shoes that look as though they have been made by hand on a Native Indian reservation camp. Their design is something not really seen that often. As a result, they are very highly sought after by those who are aware of them.



Buy the exact Colourway pictured Brown (Beeswax)

However, although the Janey Mae are well-known for being a very comfortable pair of shoes, with the odd unhappy camper here and there (can’t please them all), this type of design does make them slightly more narrow fitting than other examples. Take this into account when choosing your size. Their sole is somewhat similar to the Funny Dreams, where it is more narrowly cut than the upper. So they can feel slightly “platform” like, and may feel a bit strange when worn the first few times.




Clarks Artisan Janey Mae come in various types of leather styles. Completely Smooth, Beeswax and Nubuck. There was a huge sale running not too long ago for these shoes, but that has now ended and they are back at normal price. It will be getting colder out there soon, so perhaps a Boot would suit the Autumn / Winter seasons better.

If you’re on the look out for a pair of boots similar to Janey Mae, the Janey Lynn’s, although a bit on the thin side for a harsh winter, might be right up your street. Great pair of boots. Janey Mae are available in half sizes, and due to their slightly obscure shape, you should consider buying a half-size bigger than you usually wear. If you’re unsure about sizing requirements, rather than buy online, go to a shop and try them on in person to avoid disappointment.

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