Clarks Embrace Charm Ladies Shoes Black Leather

Along with Clarks Un Loop, Clarks Embrace Charm are a popular choice for women looking for an extremely comfortable pair of shoes to wear for long periods of time. They are made for all day wear, that’s why they are so popular as a work shoe. Just like the Un Loop, Embrace Charm are a favourite for Women who work in professions where they are on their feet all day like Teachers, Retail Workers, Dentists, and Nurses. In fact, most buyers, regardless of profession, who are on their feet all day have great things to say about these shoes.




Clarks Embrace Charm are slightly more elegant and smart looking than the Un Loop are, but both are quite similar casual style shoes, and it’s really down to personal preference as to which pair you end up buying. They will both serve you well. If comfort is high on your list of requirements Clarks Embrace Charm and Un Loop have the proven track record as being two of the best. And they have thousands of positive online reviews to back it up. Reviews are evenly matched between Clarks Un Loop and Embrace Charm. Great shoes, perfect for all day, everyday wear.


Charm-Shoes-Brown Leather


Clarks Embrace Charm are being sold at a surprisingly cheap price right now, especially when you take into consideration how hard they can potentially be to find in for sale in certain sizes and colours. They are available in black or brown and are relatively low in price depending on the size and colour. For most of the popular sizes, between UK 4 – UK 6 they fall into the lower price range so really cheap and excellent value for the price. Some of the bigger brown pairs, sizes UK 8 and UK 9 are even priced the same.

There are a few people who say there is an issue with the sizing being a little on the small and large side (Quite even each way). So a half-size bigger or smaller should probably be considered. Thankfully, all half sizes are available. For the price you can’t really go wrong with a pair of Clarks Embrace Charm. Want something a bit more quirky? Take a look at the Funny Dream (here).

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