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Not really a true, in-depth Wiki covering every step of the shoes history, but more of a general talk which touches on some of the key styles and areas of interest about these iconic shoes. A British style staple, Dr Martens have been a firm favourite of subcultures and rebellious people since the 1970’s, renowned for their popularity amongst punks and skinheads. This has led to the brand becoming a symbol of individuality and quality footwear, perfect if you’re looking for shoes that are stylish and long-lasting in today’s world of throw away fashion.




They are available in the famously classic boot style with 8 lace eyelets, you can also get them with 10 and 14 eyelets depending on the length of boot you like, they have the “Dr Martens Airwair” black and yellow tag on the back. Another staple of the brand is the 3 eyelet shoe version (Pictured further down), which are a great alternative to the boots and resemble a typical smart shoe, but with a punk edge.

The standard Dr Martens are made of a smooth, durable leather, but if that’s not your thing they now have a vegan collection (Pictured below) in the classic styles, made of synthetic materials but with the same hard-wearing and long-lasting quality that the brand is famous for. They have seen a revival in recent years, leading to a wide variety of styles, fabrics and designs becoming available, so you can surely find something to suit everyone’s unique taste!




The classic shoe and boot styles in black and ox blood are still as popular as ever, and they are constantly expanding their range to accommodate the growing interest in subcultures and the need for self-expression through clothing; brightly coloured Dr Martens ensure you stand out from the crowd, floral prints (pictured below + more here) which add a girly yet tough look to any outfit, velvet docs, metallic colours, even docs with a 3.5 inch heel! For an extra touch of uniqueness, they can be customised further by changing the laces, a wide range of different styles can be found on their website.




They recently created a sandals range for summer, and a trainer style made out of canvas for those who prefer a more casual shoe. They have also created a range for babies and children, from size 0 upwards; I think a little black pair would make perfect school shoes, offering a cost-effective, long-lasting and comfortable shoe for your little rascals. Here are the cute baby Dr Martens pictured below.




The classic design features an air-cushioned “bouncing” sole, making them an incredibly comfortable shoe for day-to-day wear. They also bear a stamp saying they are resistant to oil, fat, acid petrol and alkali, which adds to their worldwide reputation as a durable, well-crafted product. The distinctive yellow stitching around the sole makes every design and colour way of the shoe stand out, they really are a classic shoe that everyone should have in their wardrobe.




They differ in price ranging from £40 for the casual, sneaker version; £70 for the classic shoes and £70 and upwards for the boots. They also have a ‘For Life’ collection made from hardlife leather, which are more expensive at £165 but they come with a lifetime guarantee meaning they can be replaced or repaired for life. Unfortunately, Dr Martens only produce a limited quantity of their shoes in England, choosing to outsource the more elaborate footwear to either China or Thailand. The authentic Made In England DM’s, also known as their Vintage Collection are mainly the classic styles and are made from a harder wearing leather.



Prices start from a hefty £165 all the way up to £320, worth it if you like to stay true to the brand. They’re pricey, but this hard-wearing durability and comfort doesn’t come cheap, I suggest taking a look on eBay for used or vintage docs for a cheaper price, and for that lived in, vintage look. Buying new docs means the shoes need a breaking in period, the hard leather will need time to soften up, and allow the perfect fit, but once this is done they will last for years!

Perfect for the upcoming autumn and winter, you can just throw a pair on for effortless British style and comfort. They aren’t cheap but if you’re looking for quality footwear, and you’re tired of poorly made, throw away fashion, Dr Martens are the perfect solution. They are made to last, literally for many years. So it’s money well spent.

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