EMU Stinger Hi Boots Chestnut

If there is a brand of boots out there comparable to the famous UGG Australia Boots, it’s definitely EMU. Both are extremely high quality and you certainly get your moneys worth. However, there is a trend emerging among customers that have bought both a pair of the UGG Australia boots and the Emu boots, and that is that many of the wearers actually prefer the Emu boots. Maybe the Emu are just better boots overall, or perhaps people expect more from the UGG Australia sheepskin boots because of their high price tag and the hype surrounding them.




One of the main reasons why customers prefer Emu boots, other than them being excellent quality and super comfortable, is because they have stayed true to tradition. No corners have been cut. They are made in Australia using Australian sheepskin. And it’s been that way since they started, well over a decade ago. Where as UGG Australia (It’s an American company by the way) have now moved their production to Asia to save on costs. But some designs made under the UGG Australia brand are made in the USA. Confusing isn’t it.




There is also some confusion regarding the source country of the sheepskin that is used, and whether the boots are even genuine or not. There are so many fake UGG Australia boots out there, you have to be very careful when buying them. So it’s recommended that you only buy a pair from trusted outlets. However, lets not forget, “UGG” is just a term used in Australia which means sheepskin boots, so it’s only the pairs that are fake which carry the “UGG” trademark that you should be aware of.




Another plus for the Emu Stinger is they are cheaper too, although still quite expensive starting at around £100. Well worth the money though, considering the quality. They look very similar to UGG boots, and are mostly all sheepskin except for their EVA sole. There are a lot less Emu fakes out there, too, so you have a much better change of picking up a genuine pair.

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