Fly London Kani Wedge Sandals

If you’re looking for a pair of Sandals to wear this summer that are well made, comfortable, and have a look of quality about them, you need look no further than Fly London. The brand actually carry the Fly insect as their logo. You can see it on the side of the Fly Kani pictured below. Quite cool, and something a little different.


They have some really nice Sandals on sale. Of course, it’s a personal preference to what pair you choose, but some pairs are more highly praised than others. The Fly Keil, Fly Tram, Bron, Oily T-Bar, and this pair, The Fly Kani, consistently receive the best reviews from buyers.


The uppers are made from a soft leather and they have stitching that goes all the way round the lip of the shoe. They also have an adjustable buckle and the trademark Fly insect logo on the side. As with a lot of Fly Sandals, Kani have a very high heel for a sandal. It’s a wedge that’s made from gum rubber.

The overall design gives them a look from a side view that resembles an enhanced version of the old Japanese wooden Sandals (Geta), although these Fly Kani are much more luxurious to wear!


They are available in sizes from UK 3 to UK 8 and come in Camel Brown, White, Off White, Red, Black and Schwarz. Great for the summer. Not your cup of tea? Or looking for something cheaper. Maybe something like a pair of Papillio Pisa floral pattern sandals by Birkenstock, which have a cork footbed and a nice relaxed design would be more up your street.

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