Fly London Seti Rug Women’s Biker Boots

Fly London have a great range of diverse footwear, from sandals to boots. Seti Rug are a Biker style boot. There are a few pairs of Fly London that are fairly similar in appearance. One pair that stands out, but are a little more sturdy and rugged in their design are the Fly London Myso Boots. Myso have a three buckle design rather than the two on the Seti Rug Biker Style Boots.




Both are really nice pairs of boots that cost a pretty penny. But with Fly London, it is money well spent because they make great quality shoes that are always well made and durable. The Myso are a little more expensive than the Seti Rug. So if you’re looking to save some money go with the Seti Rug.




Fly London Seti Rug go well with many different clothing styles, so they are great for everyday wear. They have full leather uppers and a thick gum rubber sole. The wedge heel is just over 1 inch. It’s good that these boots have one of their belt buckles at the higher end of the boot because this is an area where a lot of women need to adjust the fitting the most, whether that be making the boots tighter or looser. Another pair of boots that are great and do spring to mind because of a recent review that’s been written are the Timberland Nellie Boots. Although they are a taller boot, they can be compared.




Timberland Nellie only have the lower buckle, which is in the same location as the lower buckle on the Seti Rug. Because of this there are some customers who are annoyed that they can’t be adjusted at the top. It’s kind of like a one size fits all situation. But as we know, all women’s legs and ankles are different in size and as a result some people complain that they are either too tight or too loose and there is no option to change that.


Seti Rug Side View


The Fly London Seti Rug have the benefit of having the higher buckle adjustment and also have a full length zip on the other side making them much easier to put on, take off, and adjust if need be. Colours available are black (pictured), dark brown, caramel (pictured), red (pictured), petrol, purple, braun and grun. Pricing is dependant on size and colour.

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