Fly London Tram Wedge Sandals

The Fly Tram Slingback Wedge are a delightful little pair of sandals to look at. They are quite minimalistic, so great for the summer. And due to how many different colours they are available in, there seems to be a colour made for just about everyone. The uppers are made from leather and the sole is gum rubber. The heel height is just over an Inch and a half. They look like a good quality sandal, but for the price they are expected to be, as they aren’t exactly cheap. And for the most part they are good quality. However, many Fly London sandals do have fairly mixed reviews, and this pair are no different.

A few issues to be aware of. The leather used to make the uppers has been reported by quite a few customers to stretch considerably over time. Some women have reported stretching over as little as a two-week time period after purchasing. This stretching can lead to the sandals becoming too loose to actually wear, and some women resort to making extra holes in the Slingback in order to make them tight enough to still be able to wear without them slipping off.




Comfort issues are also reported, stemming mainly from the circular front buckle rubbing and irritating the foot from it being large enough to be in constant contact with the skin. The sizing also seems to be a bit on the large side. This is mainly a width issue with this particular pair of Fly sandals. A full, or half size smaller than what you usually wear should definitely be considered.




Fly Tram are not without some bad reviews, but it should be noted that the positive reviews do heavily outweigh the bad ones. Most women are happy with these sandals, so don’t let the bad reviews put you off totally if your dead set on buying these sandals. Order a pair and give them a try.




You might be one of the many happy customers. If not you can always return them if you’re not happy. Another pair of Fly sandals worth considering that have a slightly higher heel and a square buckle at the front rather than a big round one are the Fly Oarol sandals.

They are not available in as many colours as the Tram are, but they are certainly a nice pair of sandals well worth considering. Or, if you don’t mind wearing a more bulkier, foot-concealing design, try a pair of the superb Fly Kani.

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