Ladies Camel Active Dora Boots

A real pair of heavy-duty women’s boots with an excellent design. Camel Active Dora are not cheap in price, but if you buy a pair you will see why. They are made to a very high standard. The uppers have a superb, clean but rugged design, consisting of an overlapping leather construction in certain places.

They have a full zip up on one side for easily taking the boots off or putting them on. They also have a belt feature on the other side which adds more visuals to their tough exterior design. They are big softies really! One of the best features is the knitted cuff, it really completes the look. Camel Active Dora Boots fit many social styles from funky to punk, right through to country / farmer, and also casual wear.




Camel have done a great job of combining rugged styling with comfort. They are insulated with wool and have a latex sole, so they are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a pair of winter boots that will last you years. I told you they were big softies! They are literally sheep in wolf’s clothing. But that is not a bad thing when it comes to footwear. They offer the best of both worlds, tough and durable but soft and luxurious in all the right places.




The best colour combination has to be the Indigo (Pictured above). The knitted cuff colour on the Indigo pair really matches the overall boot contrast very well. Of course, the other two colour ways, the rustic brown with an Autumn style cuff, and the pure black pair are still nice. The black pair come with a plain cuff to cater for people who like a stealth boot. If you are a looking for a black pair in a UK size 7.5 you are in luck. That particular size and colour is fairly cheap, making them such a great bargain.



Other sizes and colours vary a lot in terms of price, generally going from fairly cheap to very expensive. They are worth the money though. Great boots. One thing to be aware of: They do come slightly big in size, so some people will probably need to buy a half size smaller. Half sizes are available in all colours. If you want a pair of Camel boots that are similar but come without laces try the Camel Confetti Boots. Or if you want a longer boot with no laces, take a look  at the Pandora. All pairs are around the same price.

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