Red Clarks Nettle Beer Boots

Clarks Nettle Beer Boots are one of the most loved pairs of Clarks shoes made for women. They are very versatile and look great with so many clothing styles. Clarks Nettle Beer shoes are from the same design family as Clarks Funny Dream. There are some significant differences, but also quite a few similarities.

Update: Nettle Beer have become very hard to find for sale online. Most outlets are now completely sold out. But all is not lost. There is a great alternative boot being offered by Clarks, and they look very similar to this pair. You can find them for sale here.

Clarks Nettle Beer are a stylish high cut boot, made of leather, that just have an old school, vintage, rough cut rugged style that is very appealing. The leather used to make Clarks Nettle Beer is extremely soft to the touch, so wearing these shoes is a pleasurable experience for most people. Other than the first initial attraction to Clarks Nettle Beer being the appearance, many customers complement their comfort level as one of their best unseen features. Read the customer reviews to get a little more insight.




They have a rough cut lower seam and have a sole that is more narrow than the actual upper. A quirky and desirable design. The Clarks Funny Dream also have the narrow style sole, but Funny Dream have a much more neater, tidy cut in terms of the lower seam.

Both great shoes by Clarks. Depending on size and colour desired, some examples of these shoes can be expensive. Some were selling for well over a hundred pounds. However, they can be found much cheaper. The pair here are generally priced between £60 – £80, but can be found much cheaper when being sold as clearance stock on websites like eBay. They are available in various colours. One being dark red (Pictured above) and also black.

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