Skechers Grand Jams Unlimited Black Boots

Skechers Grand Jams Unlimited Black Boots. There are so many winter boots from many different brands to choose from. Do you go all out and buy the more expensive pairs, like the Timberland or Merrell boots. Or do you spend half the money and buy a pair within the lower price bracket, like these Skechers Grand Jams Unlimited. The choice is yours, and it really depends on how much money you want to spend and what weather conditions you will generally be using the boots in. That’s quite unpredictable in the UK for most people due to the weather being very temperamental. And the same can also be said for quite a few American states too.


Skechers Women's Grand Jams Unlimited Boot


If you plan to wear the Grand Jams for general everyday wear, and you may get caught in a light shower or bit of mixed bad weather here and there, then these boots will be a good choice. And given the low price, there is a great saving to be made when comparing them to the higher priced examples from Timberland, like the Natalya, Nellie and Mount Hope.

Of course, they don’t offer the same level of all round protection from the elements like the boots previously mentioned. But make no mistake, they can hold their own. When it comes to protection in snow, they are also pretty good at keeping your feet warm and dry. The grip on snow is exceptionally good. Read below for more information. And to be fair, the suede uppers are fairly thick, so they do offer some resistance to water penetration.




However, If you’re planning on buying these for walking the dog through wet grass everyday, or you are outdoors in wet conditions a lot and require boots that are 100% waterproof, then these Grand Jams are not the best choice. Perhaps a pair of Pajar would be better suited. Although considerably more expensive, Pajar are a good investment if you want great insulation and high-end protection when the weather gets really bad.

Skechers Grand Jams Unlimited are not waterproof, and they don’t claim to be.  Like the Keepsakes Brrr, they are made of mostly suede, so they don’t offer the best protection from water. However, you can buy protective sprays which can help make them somewhat waterproof. But that’s not guaranteed to be fully effective.

Just because they are not waterproof, all is not lost. They are a very nice, rather funky looking pair of mid calf boots. Features include a stylish D ring lace design, faux fur inner lining, three-quarter zip up sides, a high velcro fastening, and they are made by Skechers. So the quality for the price is there. They also have a secret weapon. And that is the Gummi sole.

A sole made using Gummi has a special, sticky-like texture which makes it exceptionally good at sticking to the floor. Perfect for walking on snow and other slippery surfaces. Skechers Grand Jams are available in brown, dark brown, charcoal and black. These boots do come rather big in size, so most women should order a size smaller. For the price you won’t be disappointed.

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