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Skechers Keepsakes Brrr Chocolate Or Grey Knee High Boots

The Keepsakes Brrr Knee High Boots are another women’s boot made by Skechers that offer great value for money. They have a very nice three button design at the top which is not just for show, it is fully functional. Like a lot of women’s boots that Skechers have brought out in recent years, the uppers are made from Suede. They have a soft faux fur lining on the higher part of the boot which covers the lower leg, but this then changes to a fleece as it goes further down, so the wearers feet are nicely insulated and kept warm by fleece.


Chocolate-Brown Knee High

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As mentioned above, they are made from Suede so they are not fully waterproof. However, if you treat them with a good protective solution they should then be equipped to provide adequate reinforcement from rain and wet conditions in general. Unless conditions are particularly bad. They have a thick gum rubber sole which has a fairly deep lugs and side tread.

Things To Be Aware Of From Review Feedback

There are a few issues that you should take into consideration if you’re thinking of buying a pair of Skechers Keepsakes Brrr. First off, they come rather big in size, and some women will need to buy a full size bigger than what they usually wear. The second issue, again related to size, but this time it’s the width at the top of the boots, the calf’s. They also come big (wide) in size.


Keepsake Brr Grey Knee High

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Apart from the issues mentioned there’s not much else to fault them. They are a great pair of boots, really good and affordable for braving the colder seasons. They can vary a little in price depending on size and colour. They are available in black, chocolate and charcoal (grey). Sizing starts from a UK size 2 and goes up to a UK 8. Most buyers praise these boots for their comfort and low price. And some actually pick these as a cheap alternative to UGG or EMU Stinger boots.

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