Women’s Camel Active Pandora Leather Boots

Lovely pair of boots from the Camel Active range. Camel Active Pandora are a knee-high boot that feature a stylish design, consisting of an overlapping leather upper and wool cuff. This is prevalent on lots of boots from the Camel Active range. Being made from wool, it will do a good job of keeping the heat in. On the Pandora, this wool cuff comes either multi-coloured or solid black, as it does for most Camel Active Boots.



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Camel Active Pandora are fairly narrow in the calf, so if you’re someone who has bigger than average calf’s you may want to give these boots a miss. Camel Pandora have full leather uppers, an insulated lining, and a full 360 degree sole to upper stitching, making them comfortable, warm and hard-wearing.




They are a good boot for the winter, but surprisingly they are not 100% waterproof. However, they were never claimed to be fully waterproof by Camel. You may end up with damp feet in very wet weather. But apart from really bad weather these boots will handle almost everything else.

Camel state that the shaft on these boots is a medium in size, not a regular like it is on a lot of other Camel boots. Unless medium and regular are actually considered as the same width, and they have been wrongly listed for sale using two different width explanations, I’m not sure. However, some women have commented that they are tight, so if you do end up buying these boots and find them way too tight in the calf, they do have the advantage of having a full zip on the inner side, so you could always leave the side zip down a bit to see if that helps.




I suppose It depends on how much you want the boots to determine whether you want to take the risk of buying them and finding out that they are too tight. You can always send them back if they are. Camel Pandora are available in black, grey, and dark red pictured above (most popular). Sizing starts at a UK 3 and goes up to a UK 8. Half sizes are also available.

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