Women’s Clarks Un Loop Brown or Burgundy Slip-On Shoes

If you love walking, are struggling to find a nice comfortable pair of shoes, or just on your feet all day at work and desperately need a super comfortable pair of shoes to run your errands or wander around the shops in, Clarks Un Loop are the shoes that you may be very glad you found. A member of the Clarks unstructured line of shoes, Unloop are highly regarded as one of the best and most comfortable pairs of women’s shoes by Clarks that are fit for true all-day wear.



Find them for sale here (All colours, including Black)

They are made from a very soft leather, and despite the button, if wearing the right size, they are basically slip on shoes which have a very nice stitch detailing. The stylish “X” stitching and single button with loop feature really tops off the Un Loop design. Not many pairs of shoes have such a big mountain of customer reviews that constantly say the same thing. They basically say that Clarks Un Loop are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes they have ever owned. They are also very light and have a soft footbed (leather insole) making them even more suited for all day wear.



Can be found in Red Leather here

So it’s not surprising that Clarks Unloop are commonly bought by women wanting them to wear for work. They are very popular with Teachers, Retail Workers, and more commonly, Nurses. So I bet you can guess what the most popular colour is. Yeah, you guessed it, the black of course. But the deep rich Burgundy pair (Pictured above) are just as nice if you can get away with wearing them at work.




Yes they are popular as a work shoe, and they are well suited for that role. However, they are much more than just a pair of shoes for work. They are simple but stylish and go well with a whole range of different clothing styles. From casual and smartly dressed, to funky or just hanging out, Clarks Un Loop can adapt to most styles if the clothing is right.


Another positive with Clarks Un Loop is how well made they are. A fairly common talking point among reviewers is that they have had these shoes for a number of years, so you can expect to comfortably get around 2 – 3 years of wear out of a pair of Clarks Un Loop. People are looking for reliable, comfortable shoes that are also good looking and stylish. Clarks have done an excellent job covering all bases with these shoes.

They are available in Black, Grey, Burgundy, Brown, and a beautiful light wooden style brown (Pictured). There are a few other colours available like Bronze. Sizing starts at a women’s UK Size 3 and goes all the way up to UK Size 9. A similar pair from Clarks that are also highly praised are the Embrace Charm. (Buy the Un Loop, more versatile and much nicer!)

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