Women’s Dr Martens Joylyn Flowers Desert Boots

If you want something a little bit different to the usual Dr Martens Joylyn boots that will definitely get friends, and even strangers, complimenting them and asking where you got such a design from, take a look at the Dr Martens Joylyn Little Flowers Boots pictured below. Dr Martens Joylyn are beautiful boots. With the colder, wetter weather coming along, they are very popular right now.

Update: Finding this design in sizes UK 4, 5, 6 and 7 has become near impossible. However, there are some very similar looking alternatives out there for sale. One such alternative is the DM Cynthia Chukka Boots.


And rightfully so. They offer excellent protection from the elements while still remaining stylish, practical and hard-wearing. Even though the design, with only two eyelets, is quite simple, the boots just look so appealing. They have all the traits of the traditional low-cut Dr Martens boot but have a softer, less aggressive appearance.

The flower print is something rather special. The finish is amazing and almost looks like it’s been hand painted. Of course, it is a print design but the quality is superb, as you would expect from Dr Martens. All pairs of Dr Martens Joylyn Desert Boots, whether purple, tan (14761220), black, or tan floral like this pair, share the same quality features.

This includes the hard-wearing sole and full upper to sole outer stitching that goes around the full circumference of the shoe to ensure a hard-wearing, long-lasting boot. However, what these boots are most known for is their comfort level.


They have “Soft Wair” built-in which makes them very comfortable. Soft Wair is a system exclusive to DMS that offers extra odour prevention, added foot breathability, and a twin cushioning system. This is located at the heel and also at the front of the foot in the form of a gel which helps to essentially “suck up” some of the stress from the areas of the feet more prone to feel discomfort from all day wear.

These boots are not cheap, none of the Joylyn Desert Boots are, but surprisingly this floral design won’t set you back much more money than a normal pair of DM Joylyn that are only one solid colour. They are around the same price. The heel height is a little under 1 inch and the uppers are made of full grain leather.

Be aware of the sizing, as some people state they come rather big. Limited sizes are available of the floral design. All in all, really nice boots that are memorable and quite distinctive.

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