Womens Fly Tesk Leather Sandals

Great pair of high quality summer sandals from Fly London. Fly Tesk have a stylish upper design that slightly resembles the gladiator shoes of yesteryear. That gladiatorial style has made a big comeback over the last few years. Fly Tesk Sandals have a soft leather upper and a wedge heel. The heel is just over an Inch and a half in height, and the sole is made from gum rubber.




The colours are beautiful, very rich and vivid. All the colours are nice but the Lime Green, Camel and Devil Red (all pictured) are extremely popular. It’s easy to see why. Fly Tesk are also available in Brown, Black, Dark Red, Off White, and Azure (Light Blue). The high buckle ring is close to the correct diameter to not cause excessive rubbing and annoyance to the surrounding skin on the ankle.

Some pairs of Fly sandals have a much bigger buckle, such as the Tute, Tram (on the front) Rug and Tram Slingbacks, which in turn do get a few complaints about the buckle irritating the skin. With the buckle not really being an issue with this pair, that is a bonus. But that’s not to say that the Fly Tesk don’t have a few complaints or minor niggles of their own.




Firstly, the sizing can feel a little restricted width wise. Not a problem for most, but those with wider feet should take this into consideration. The second minor complaint is the star-shaped Fly logo that’s been sewn onto the inner sole at the heel. Some wearers find it a bit uncomfortable because it’s not embedded into the innersole, it’s protruding on the surface.




But apart from a few minor niggles, which are present on most pairs of Fly London Sandals of the same style, they are an excellent pair of fashionable sandals that will serve you well. Price is dependant on size and colour required. Available in sizes UK 3 – UK 8.

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