Funny-Story-Red Leather

Women’s Red Clarks Funny Story Quirky Shoes

Upon first glance, from the side with the eyelets, these Funny Story shoes look very similar in shape and style to the Clarks Funny Dream. And in many ways they are a very close match. Same style sole, same hair flick front, and an overall similar shape and stitch detail.


Funny-Story-Red Leather


But turn the shoe around to its other side and you will see that the eyelets, of which there is one more than what’s on the Funny Dream (see them here), making four, are actually not present on the other side. They are replaced by leather loops. Quite a strange, quirky design. Almost a shoe of two halves. Red (Rot) seems to be the “go to” colour with the Funny Story, but they are also available in other colours too, including black.




However, going on sales figures and customer reviews, most women appear to go for the much more popular Clarks Funny Dream when looking for something more casual, like for work or another purpose where a more “uniform” design is required, or deemed as more suitable. But don’t let that put you off. If a design that’s a little more bizarre is who you are then the Funny Story will suit you very well. They are a lovely pair of shoes.

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