Womens Softinos Isla Relaxed Shoes

The people who brought you Fly London now come through with another brand of shoes that are sure to have your feet feeling blissfully comfortable in no time. The name is a bit of a giveaway, but Softinos Shoes are considered as one of the “must have” pairs of shoes if you’re looking for a high level of comfort coupled with a nice, low profile casual styling. The (Washed) leather upper is extremely soft. As is the sole. Great to wear and nice to touch. By most accounts, women’s Softinos Isla feel great.




They are well made but quite thin, so not good for cold weather or for those who need a shoe that offers substantial foot support. However, being thin and lightweight means they are excellent for the summer. The sole finish is somewhat rough in its appearance, with its faded spray paint type effect going around the side of the shoe. Accompanied by what looks to be cute little shoe prints running along side. Although they look like dots in some places.




Many variations of Softinos exist. Some, like the Isis and Irina, are very similar to the Isla pictured here. Boot versions are also for sale (Isabel, Isleen, Nellie etc). Lots of colours of the Isla are available, Mustard Yellow, Brown (pictured), Blue and Purple. The laces for each pair are colour coded. And be warned: The fit is smaller than average, so be sure to remember that when ordering. Perhaps a full size bigger will be in order.

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